Bootlegs and Broomsticks

As the value of each original copy of ‘Folkal Point’ the vinyl album rose over the last forty-seven years (since 1971 – think about it!), there have been many references to this holy grail of British folk music history. Songs from the album have appeared on several compendium albums, commonly categorized as ‘psych folk’, a largely ignored musical genre that marched on unchallenged in the shadow of the paradigm shifts that shaped 70’s rock, pop and punk. Later. social media and YouTube spawned many tributes to Folkal Point by promoting special tracks. The bootleg market waded in by piggybacking on the success of the increasing rarity value of the original vinyl, taking the unfairest advantage of all by promoting so called ‘official’ releases under the anonymity of the Internet. To this day, even iTunes, Amazon and Spotify shamelessly sell bootleg copies from disparate ‘official’ labels like Zeitgeist and ICENI (the list goes on and on).

E bay purchase from way back in 2010 – £2,250 (classified as ‘rock, progressive’)

What do you do when your best work is hunted by collectors, worshiped by music lovers, ripped to shreds by the Internet and yet while you see literally thousands of pounds changing hands each treasured resale, you see no reward for your efforts? There’s no doubt the Internet has ruined the music industry, so everybody’s basically in the same boat, you just need to find new ways of making money, usually through live performance ticket sales, merchandise and more recently vinyl sales. Hang on. Vinyl sales? Isn’t this where we all started from? All you need is the original material.

And so, armed with the original recorded material and the combined talents of band member Stuart Amesbury, who now runs a business as one of Bristol’s finest sound engineers and owner of Touch PA, Richard Jeffery-Gray, founder of the Hoxa Music label and The Vinyl Factory, formerly EMI, the remastered, collector’s limited edition of the original Folkal Point vinyl is available once more.

The remastered collector’s limited edition of Folkal Point is the work of Hoxa’s founder Richard Jeffrey-Gray who finds sound and music fascinating and loves to make media work. Hoxa is able to produce sound from just about any direction you can imagine, combining the finest analogue and digital techniques to make sound communicate the message. As both composer,conductor and sound producer/engineer Richard has had the opportunity to work with motivated and talented people of all kinds. Consequently he relishes high production values in his work.